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Organic Soy Candles – Why They Don’t Exist

Organic Soy Candles

organic soy candles are as real as unicornsWe do not make or sell organic soy candles. In fact, no one does. Any candle maker who claims to sell organic soy candles has either been misinformed or is being dishonest. While 100% soy wax is a great, all-natural wax choice, soy candles should never be labeled organic. The truth is that no one in this business has access to organic soy candle wax, and there are a few reasons why that is the case.

For starters, less than 1% of the soy produced in the United States is grown organically. That percentage is so low because growing soy requires huge farms, and operating an organic farm is really hard to do. On top of that, the USDA does not make it easy to obtain an organic certification. Once you meet their strict requirements, it takes over 3 years to become officially certified. Do you really think a farmer is going to jump through all those hoops just to unload their product on a wax manufacturer? Not a chance. They’re going to get top dollar for that delicious organic edamame, and I don’t blame them.

Secondly, soy wax is hydrogenated. Pure soy oil, after being isolated from the rest of the plant, is liquid at room temperature. Just like other vegetable oils, the unsaturated fatty acids in soybean oil need to be converted into saturated fat in order to remain solid. This means that soy wax, by definition, is hydrogenated soybean oil. Hydrogenated oils cannot be labeled organic. So, even if you can afford to purchase large amounts of organic soybean oil, turning it into candle wax would be a preposterous waste of time and resources.

Don’t get me wrong, this candle maker is a big advocate of natural and organic food. I also completely understand why someone would want an organic soy candles. In fact, I hope to offer an organic alternative in the not-so-distant future; it will just require different types of wax. However, in the realm of scented soy candles, our products are as close to natural as you are going to find. Our wax contains no petroleum, dyes, emulsifiers or other additives. Our wicks have no metal core, only natural cotton and paper, and our fragrances never contain phthalates.