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Triple Scented Soy Candles – Don’t Believe the Hype

Triple Scented Soy Candles

triple scented soy candles are lies


Fragrance is a top concern among candle buyers. You are investing in a scented candle, so naturally you want the fragrance to fill a room. Unfortunately, you never really know the truth until you burn it. So, dishonest companies will often try to reel you in by claiming that their candles have an unusually high amount of fragrance. First it was “double-scented”, now it’s “triple scented soy candles.” No matter how they word it, it’s all complete nonsense. Triple what? You can’t triple something without telling us the starting point. Sure, if you started with a 2% fragrance load, then you decided to bump it up to 6%, technically you tripled it. However, a 2% fragrance load is an absurdly low starting point. That’s like a restaurant saying, “You get triple the fries with your meal. We used to give you 2, but now we give you 6!” No one cares. They want a reasonable amount of fries. Just like they want a reasonable amount of fragrance.

The Facts:

Soy wax, like everything else, is subject to certain rules of nature. In this case, we’re dealing with fat, or oil. Soy wax is simply the hydrogenated fat derived from soybeans. Essential oils and fragrance oils, as you might have guessed, are also oil-based. The cool thing about different oils is that they play really nicely together. With the proper ratios, they blend marvelously. However, too much of a good thing can be trouble. In this case, when you bring too much fragrance oil to the mix, the excess will leach out of your wax and separate. When it happens a little, we call this “sweating.” When it happens a lot, we call it amateur candle making.

I bring this up to make a clear point about parentages. Soy wax manufacturers will tell you the maximum amount of fragrance a wax will hold. It is around 12% for a true soy wax. Some of our fragrances warrant that amount, others a little less, depending on other factors. However, exceeding that percentage is pointless, as the wax simply cannot hold the excess oil. Thus, when a company claims to make triple scented soy candles, they must be comparing them to candles with a 4% fragrance load. Which no one makes.

It’s also important to note that fragrance throw is achieved through numerous factors. The actual ratio of wax to fragrance is only one part of the equation. The type and quality of the fragrance is a big factor, as is the type and quality of the wax. The diameter of the container, and thus the diameter of the melt pool, is highly significant. Also, there are methods used by the candle maker throughout the process that will have a big impact. So, simply dropping the maximum amount of fragrance into some melted wax will not give you the desired results. Neither will tripling the recommended amount of fragrance. That’ll just give you a puddle of oil. So, when a company tells you their candles have 50% more fragrance than anyone else on the market, or when they claim to have double or triple scented soy candles, I recommend you ask a few questions before giving them your money.

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