Soy Candles Made in USA

Soy Candles Made in USA, From Top to Bottom

If you are in search of soy candles made in USA, you have come to right place. There are plenty of candles out there labeled “Made in USA.” However, in most cases, only the finished product is truly American-made. Many companies save money by outsourcing the manufacturing of their parts and materials to facilities overseas. Technically speaking, the candle was made in USA, but look out for the fine print. Somewhere near the bottom of the label there is likely a line that reads, “Made in USA with foreign materials.” You can translate that to, “assembled in the USA, with cheap, crappy parts.” Who made that dangerously thin glass container? What about the unidentified wax, fragrance and dye? You burn them in your home, you should probably know from where it all comes. If you’re burning a Direct Pour Candle, the answer is simple: soy candles made in usa

Superbly Scented Soy Candles Made in USA with No Foreign Parts

We purchase all of our parts and materials from American manufacturing facilities. Our soy is grown in the Midwest, near the plant that manufactures our glass jars. The soy is then processed in the Southeast, just like our wick glue, glass paint and labels. Our wick assemblies and fragrance oils, along with most of our candle-making equipment, are manufactured in the Northeastern United States.